Knox Box

Knox Rapid Entry System

In order to allow rapid entry to properties for firefighters, the Fire Departments in Nash County use a designated key box and proprietary key system, utilizing the Knox Rapid Entry System (KRES). The following type properties are required to utilize the KRES system:
  • High-rise buildings
  • Gated communities
  • Commercial businesses that use, store, manufacture, or process on site hazardous materials that must be reported under Title III of the Federal Super Fund Amendments
  • Buildings equipped with fire sprinkler systems and/or fire alarm systems monitored by an outside central station.
  • Buildings with elevators
  • Other properties or structures where fire department access would be delayed as determined by the fire or code official


Knox boxes shall be installed preferably at the main entrance and at a location and height that allow them to be readily accessible. Circumstances such as the size of the property, nature of any hazards, etc., may warrant the need for additional boxes to be located on the same property.

Product Information

Knox Box style descriptions, price lists, and order forms are available by downloading the documents below, or by the accessing the Knox Box website.