Sheriff's Office Divisions

The Nash County Sheriff's Office is made up of several different Divisions, which focus on certain areas of operations at the Sheriff's Office. Each Division has its own assignments and job functions that make the Sheriff's Office run smoothly.
  • The Civil Division is responsible for the day to day courtroom operation, courthouse security, and the service of civil process such as evictions, foreclosures, and writs of execution.
  • The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is responsible for following up on incidents and reports taken by the Patrol Division and attempts to solve those cases in a timely manner. CID will also initiate investigations into illegal activities that occur in the county. Cases can range from misdemeanor larcenies to homicides.
  • The K-9 Unit is part of the Patrol Division and is responsible for assisting in locating missing persons, suspects, evidence and illegal narcotics. There is a K-9 assigned to every patrol division and the Highway Interdiction Team. The K-9 Unit assists other Divisions as needed including the Narcotics Division.
  • The Narcotics Division is part of CID and is responsible for eliminating the flow of illegal narcotics and drugs on the streets and highways of Nash County. This is done through undercover operations, and joint operations with other counties and agencies such as the Tar River Regional Task Force and the State Bureau of Investigation.
  • The Sheriff's Action Team handles special details, quality of life concerns, community relations and other responsibilities as directed by the Sheriff.
  • The Patrol Division is the main face of the Sheriff's Office and is responsible for answering the calls for service in the county and serving all criminal papers including warrants and orders for arrest.
  • The Highway Interdiction Team is assigned to patrol the interstate and other highways throughout Nash County in order to interdict drug couriers and other criminal activity.
  • The Staff Services Division is responsible for the administration functions of the Sheriff's Office such as records and reports, crime reports and statistics, analyzing patterns of crime trends, and equipment issuance for all employees.