The Investigative Division currently consists of 14 members. Captain Carlos Ricks, Lieutenant Miste Strickland and Lieutenant Romek Lankosz oversee the day-to-day operations of the Division. The remaining members include two evidence technicians, two juvenile crimes/sex offense investigators, and seven general case investigators. CID

Case Management

All incidents reported to the Sheriff's Office, that are not cleared by the Patrol Division, are assigned for investigation. The Investigations Division continues to use a case management program. This enables us to keep up with statistics, dispositions, clearance rates, and accountability of all crimes reported.

In 2017, the Investigations Division was assigned a total of 1,415 cases. Of those 1,415 cases, over 700 of them were cleared, with a 50+% clearance rate. The 50+% clearance rate is 2 times the State average of about 27%.

Collaborative Efforts

The Investigations Division will continue to work closely with it's neighboring law enforcement agencies in an effort to continue to reduce crime or at least maintain the crime rate to that comparable with the state and strive to give the citizens of Nash County all of the support and professionalism they deserve.