Baggies containing drugsNarcotics Division

The Narcotics Division consists of one Division Commander, Captain Jeremy Hardy. It also is staffed by several other members, including members who are assigned to Joint Task Force's with Federal Agencies. The Narcotics Division continues to be committed to targeting and arresting drug and firearm traffickers. Additionally, we are committed to apprehending fugitives wanted by the Nash County Sheriff’s Office.


The Nash County Sheriff’s Office uses a proactive investigative approach in the Narcotics Division to include undercover operations, executing search warrants and compiling historical information on known drug offenders. These methods often lead to federal arrests of members of drug organizations for federal drug and firearm charges.

Making a Difference

In 2016, the Narcotics Division made a total of 576 arrests of subjects, with a total of 1,511 charges, including 14 Federal arrests. During those arrests, the Narcotics Division seized a total of $1.4 million worth of illegal narcotics off the streets of Nash County. They also seized over $210,000 worth of drug money from drug dealers. Sixty-eight (68) weapons were seized from drug dealers during the course of investigations.