Nash County Project Lifesaver

Response Program

Project Lifesaver
Project Lifesaver is a rapid response program that locates people who have a cognitive impairment (i.e., Alzheimer's disease, Autism, Down's Syndrome, and dementia) who wander away from their caregivers.

Tracking Bracelet

Members enrolled in the program wear a bracelet that contains a battery-operated transmitter that emits a tracking signal. If the member wanders away, the caregiver notifies 9-1-1. A search and rescue team goes to the wanderer's area and uses a mobile receiver to pick up the member's signal, thus locating the person.


Any child or adult who meets all the following requirements:
  • Lives in Nash County
  • Has a medically diagnosed cognitive impairment that makes them prone to wander
  • Has wandered away from a caregiver in the past
  • Has a caregiver who will check the battery every day and keep a daily log
  • Will wear the bracelet at all times


There is no cost for the families! Donations are accepted.

Program Partners

  • Recreation and Senior Services
  • Emergency Management
  • Sheriff's Office
  • Luke Lumley Exceptional Children's Charity, Inc.

Contact Information

For additional information, contact Ashley Winstead, Family Caregiver Coordinator, at 252-459-1365.