About Us

Each County in North Carolina has a Board of Elections. The Board of Elections is a three-person board which is appointed every two years by the State Board of Elections. (Members of the State Board of Elections are appointed by the Governor.)

County Board members take an oath and begin their two year terms the Tuesday following the third Monday in July in odd-numbered years. No more than two members of the County Board of Elections can belong to the same political party. The Board of Elections Chairperson is elected by majority vote during the board's first meeting after appointment.

The Board of Elections is responsible for conducting all elections held in its jurisdiction. The Board is also responsible for hiring a Director to carry out the daily administrative tasks assigned to the Board. While each Board is funded by their respective county, the Board operates under the direct guidance of the State Board of Elections.

Board Members:
  • Kevin Lewis - Chairman
  • Paige H. Wood - Secretary
  • Kelly H. Shore - Member
  • John M. Kearney - Director
  • Gina Brown - Senior Elections Specialist
  • Sandra Rowland - Elections Specialist
  • Brenae Hardy (part-time)