Municipal Elections

The State of North Carolina allows its cities and towns to choose from one of four different types of election methods. All municipalities, except the City of Rocky Mount, in Nash County, use the Single Plurality Method whereby the highest vote-getter wins. This type of election is held in November. The City of Rocky Mount uses the Election with Run-off Method which is held in October. In the Election with Run-off Method the candidate must get a majority of the votes to win. If the majority is not received, then the candidate with the 2nd highest number of votes can call for a run-off between the two candidates. This run-off election would be held in November. Each municipality in Nash County elects the Mayor to a Four-year Term. The Town Commissioners are elected to a Four-year Term which is staggered every two years. In North Carolina all municipal elections are conducted by the County Board of Elections in which the town is located.

October Elections

  • City of Rocky Mount

November Elections

  • Town of Bailey
  • Town of Castalia
  • Town of Dortches
  • Town of Middlesex
  • Town of Momeyer
  • Town of Nashville
  • Town of Red Oak
  • Town of Sharpsburg
  • Town of Spring Hope
  • Town of Whitakers