CC Acceptable Materials

Items for disposal:

Bagged household garbage

Construction and Demolition waste: any lumber must be cut into less than 4 foot lengths

Bulky items: couches, mattress, tables, chairs, furniture and other non-metal items

Items for recycling:

NOTE: Mixed comingled recyclables if in plastic/garbage bags must be removed from the bag and placed directly into the recycling compactor. The bag can be reused.

Mixed/comingled: Newspapers, office paper, (not shredded) envelopes, junk mail, paper grocery bags, plastic bottles and jugs, cereal boxes, phone books, magazines, steel and aluminum cans, milk, juice, broth, soup cartons, cardboard, and glass

Yard waste: Leaves, small limbs, branches, clippings less than 200 pounds. Limbs must be cut into no more than 4 foot lengths. No other material should be mixed with the yard waste.

Metals/White goods: All appliances except those containing FREON (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.) must be taken to the Nash County Landfill.

Waste oil and oil filters can be taken at all sites except #4, Hwy 58.

Cooking oil

Readable books and clothes can be put in the clothes/shoes recycling bin.

Light bulbs: Fluorescent, incandescent, halogen and LED

Electronics: TV's (all types), computers, printers, monitors, cameras, cell and landline phones, calculators, vacuum cleaners, stereo equipment, radios and small kitchen appliances