Care Management Services

Care Management for High Risk Pregnancy (CMHRP)

The CMHRP program provides care management services to the eligible pregnant Medicaid population in Nash County. The care managers collaborate with various Pregnancy Medical Homes to coordinate care and promote healthy pregnancies and babies with the goal of reducing preterm birth, low birth weight, and other poor birth outcomes. 


Care Management for At Risk Children (CMARC)

The CMARC program provides care management services to children in Nash County under age 5 with chronic medical conditions, that have been exposed to adverse childhood experiences, or are adversely affected by social determinants of health. CMARC works to ensure coordination of care between healthcare providers and referrals to other community programs as needed.  


NC Baby Love Plus (NCBLP)

The NC Baby Love Plus program provides care management services to identified Nash County women of childbearing age (15-44) through preconception, prenatal, or interconception services, with the goal of improving birth outcomes and the health of women of reproductive age. Eligible male partners can also be referred for fatherhood services through the NC BLP Dads program.  


Community Alternatives Program (CAP)

The Community Alternatives Program serves Medicaid eligible participants to allow them to remain in or return to a home/community-based setting by providing a cost-effective alternative to an institutional setting. CAP is divided into two programs:

  • CAP/DA (Disabled Adults, age 18 or older)
  • CAP/C (Disabled Children, age 0 to 20) 

For CAP Services, contact 252-459-1358.