Tornado Information

Final Pickup for Tornado Debris


Have your debris beside the road by Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 5pm.

Nash County contractors will be completing their final pass to collect tornado debris. If you have tornado debris and live outside the Rocky Mount city limits, please have your natural debris and construction/demolition debris in two separate piles next to your road for pickup. Collection begins Monday morning, August 28.

Tornado Debris Removal

Nash County is working with a debris contractor to assist with the collection and disposal of storm debris resulting from the tornado on Wednesday, July 19th. Initial efforts will focus on the collection of vegetated material (tree limbs, logs, and shrubbery) from the roadside, and work is expected to begin on August 1st. Work will begin working west to east along the path of the tornado in those areas outside of the city limits of Rocky Mount.

Once the contractor completes one pass collecting vegetated material, we will complete a pass to collect construction and demolition debris.  It is anticipated that the contractor will complete at least two passes through the impacted area and that this effort will extend over a period of at least two weeks.

Property owners are advised to separate these two types of material and to stage the material at the roadside for collection and to avoid any fixed hazards such as trees, mailboxes, fire hydrants, and telephone pedestals.  The contractor will only be able to collect material at the roadway and will not be able to collect material from private property.  

For more information regarding debris material placement guidelines, please call 252-459-9899. Although Nash County does not have the resources to assist property owners with cutting and moving material from private property to the roadside for collection, property owners that need assistance with this work are advised to dial 211 so that our local United Way Office can connect these property owners with volunteer groups and local nonprofits working in the area that are able to offer this service.
A picture demonstrating the text above about the placement of debris.