What if I'm still not satisfied?
The Board of Equalization and Review is the official assessment appeals board. This board meets between the first Monday in April and the first Monday in May each year. Its members are people who are knowledgeable of property values throughout Nash County.

The board, upon written request, will hear any and all appeals concerning the assessed value of real property in Nash County. Your appeal is more likely to be successful if you present evidence that comparable properties in the same neighborhood are assessed for less than yours. Copies of property record forms on your comparables, with records of their assessed values or sales prices are your best defense. Note any differences between your property and the comparables and point out these differences.

The appeal board will be interested only in the fairness and accuracy of the value placed on your property, not in whether you can afford to pay your taxes or whether taxes are too high. Appeals from decisions of this board may be made to the North Carolina Property Tax Commission.

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3. What if I'm still not satisfied?