Nutrition Services

Home-Delivered Meals

The Home-Delivered Meals program currently serves the towns and communities of Bailey, Middlesex, Samaria, Castalia, Corinth, Spring Hope, Nashville, West Mount, Red Oak and Dortches. Recipients of this service will receive a lunch time meal that offers one third of the recommended daily dietary allowances.

  • Age 60 or older, physically or mentally unable to obtain food or prepare meals, who have no responsible person who is able and willing to perform this services.
  • The spouse/caregiver of an older adult, if one or the other is home bound by reason of illness or incapacitating disability.
  • No longer able to drive to obtain food; home bound.
Contact Tamika Hill at 252-459-1367 for more information.

Currently, we are seeking volunteers for the Castalia and Spring Hope areas. If you would like to become a volunteer please contact Tamika Hill, 252-459-1367.