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GIS Data

  • Parcels - Property Boundaries with Tax Data attributes
  • Address Points
  • Roads
  • Zoning - County, Bailey, Castalia, Dortches, Middlesex, Momeyer, Nashville, Red Oak, Sharpsburg, Spring Hope, and Whitakers Zoning Layers
  • Elections - Board of Education, Commissioner, Congressional, House, and Senate Districts, Rocky Mount Wards, Voting Precincts, Voting Locations
  • City/Town Limits and Districts - City/Town Limits, ETJs, Townships, Agriculture Districts, County Boundary, Tax Districts
  • Emergency Services (EMS) - County and City Dispatched Agencies, ESN Districts, Fire Districts, Fire Insurance Districts
  • Places - Community and Crossroads, Government Facilities, Landfill and Convenient Centers, Public Libraries, Schools
  • Infrastructure - Elevated Structures (i.e. Cell and Radio Towers), Exits and Mile Markers, Hydrants, Railroads, Tar River Trail, Water Towers
  • Planning - Flood Zones, Tar Pam - Neuse River Basins, USGS Blueline Streams, USGS Water-bodies, Division of Water Quality (DWQ) Watersheds, Public Water Supply Watersheds
  • Other - DOT Contours, USGS Monuments, Soils

Tax Export Data

  • Tax Data - Delimited 'CSV' file that contains all the tax data, along with headers, used to populate the Nash County Parcel data.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography for the following years - 1997, 2004, 2008, 2013, 2017 - is also available from Nash County G.I.S.
Call (252) 459-1506 for more information on cost and delivery methods.

Historical Parcels