Public Health Department


The health department offers many services in an effort to keep residents and our community healthy. Nash County Health Department (NCHD) serves all Nash County residents, whether they come in our doors as a patient or as we reach out as part of our community and environmental health programs.

Public Health Goals & Mission

  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Prevent diseases
  • Detect and treat health problems early


 *Health Department Update*

On January 6th, 2020, The Nash County Commissioners voted to amend the county animal control ordinance to include minor revisions on rabies control measures and an addition to include regulations on the tethering or chaining of dogs in Nash County.  The new section, entitled Sec. 4.23 Tethering of Dogs, states that “no person shall tether more than five dogs simultaneously at the same property location.”  In addition, “except as provided herein, no dog shall be tethered at a vacant or unoccupied property unless the owner or his agent is present at the property. Chain, choke or prong collars are prohibited during the tethering of an animal.  This ordinance also provides instructions on the length of tethering equipment that shall be at least 12 feet in length and attached in such a manner as to prevent strangulation or other injury to the dog and entanglement with objects and shall contain swivel ends on one or both sides of the tether. 

El 6 de enero de 2020, los comisionados del condado de Nash votaron para enmendar la ordenanza de control de animales del condado para incluir revisiones menores en las medidas de control de la rabia y una adición para incluir regulaciones sobre la atadura o el encadenamiento de perros en el condado de Nash.  La nueva sección, titulada Sec. 4.23 “Tethering of Dogs”, establece que "ninguna persona atará más de cinco perros simultáneamente en la misma ubicación de la propiedad". Además, "excepto lo dispuesto en este documento, ningún perro deberá estar atado a una propiedad vacante o desocupada a menos que el propietario o su agente este presente en la propiedad.  Se prohíben los collares de cadena, estrangulador o dentado para sujeción de un animal.  Esta ordenanza también proporciona instrucciones sobre la longitud del equipo de amarre que debe ser de al menos 12 pies de largo y adjunto de tal manera que evite el estrangulamiento u otra lesión al perro y el enredo con objetos y debe contener extremos giratorios en uno o ambos lados de la correa. 

Staff & Programs

Click here for our printable NCHD Services brochure!

  • Environmental Health staff works to keep our community healthy in the most basic ways. They protect our water supplies from sewage contamination, they help ensure safe food at area restaurants through regular inspections, and much more.
  • Solid Waste program staffs nine convenience centers for rural Nash County residents as well as a special construction and demolition landfill.
  • Animal Control staff prevents the spread of rabies by working with area veterinarians to offer low cost rabies vaccination opportunities and operate the animal shelter.
  • Health Education and Planning staff leads regularly in assessing the community's health needs and developing educational programs or policies targeting these potential health problems.
  • Clinical Services staff provide health screening, treatment and/or referral for possible health problems, and investigation of communicable diseases.
  • If you are homebound, have a special medical need and would like to register for Nash County's Special Medical Needs Registry, click here.  For more information, please read our brochure and/or call Nash County Health Department at (252) 459-9819.

Nash County Health Department offers confidential services at no cost or on a sliding fee scale to all residents of Nash County. Services are provided at NCHD regardless of race, age, religion, gender, marital status, national origin, or disability status.

En el departamento de salud hay interpretes de habla hispana para asistir a los residentes con servicios de la clinica llamar al 252-462-2433 para asistencia.