Phases of EMS

Emergency Care

The emergency division is made up of 75 extremely dedicated EMTs and paramedics who carefully work together, 24 hours-a-day and 365 days-a-year, to deliver the finest level of pre-hospital care to the citizens and visitors of Nash County. Our EMTs and paramedics are highly skilled in all aspects of pre-hospital emergency medicine. They are trained to work effectively under pressure to deliver excellent patient care to the critically ill and injured. Each and every day, they serve Nash County with compassion, dignity, and professionalism.

Averaging over 60 incidents per day and more than 23,000 incidents per year, Nash County EMS is responsible for treating, stabilizing, and transporting patients to hospitals. Emergency ambulances are staffed by a minimum of one paramedic and one EMT who have highly developed medical skills and the capability to deliver complex interventions and treatments in the field. Because of the incredible depth and dedication of the staff, Nash County EMS has a reputation for providing a high level of EMS care.

Community Paramedics

Our Community Paramedic Program is a unique program that utilizes specially trained paramedics to provide home visits for patients at high risk for complications after a recent illness, injury, or medical procedure.  

The Community Paramedic Program is just one of many ways Nash County EMS is improving the health of our community. This program:

  • Provides care for our most vulnerable citizens by providing better care through additional monitoring and education. 
  • Promotes health and wellness by identifying conditions before they become a crisis.
  • Helps lower healthcare costs with medication review, reinforcement of provider instructions, and disease education that collectively help prevent hospital readmissions.
  • Eliminates barriers to care by encouraging follow up and addressing factors that might prevent it.
  • Provides additional support on our most critical emergency calls.
  • Responses to all overdoses and provides immediate support and resource options to victims and their families.   
  • Responds, provides support and directs patients with mental health crisis to appropriate care..   

Non-emergency Medical Transport

Nash County EMS supports a non-emergency transport service to provide schedule trips to hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, and discharges from the hospital. This division provides transport for stretcher / bed confined patients. Nash County EMS’s non-emergency transport service responds annually to approximately 4,000 calls for service. These units are staffed with a minimum of two North Carolina Emergency Medical Technicians and provide service Monday through Friday during the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Requests for service should be made by calling 252-462-2437. Questions may be directed to the EMS office at 252-459-1634.