Parks & Recreation

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 Check out the new powered by RecDesk! This new and interactive website provides real-time updates about our Recreation and Senior Services activities! From special events and facility information to field closures and program registration, this new platform allows our visitors to stay current on the happenings of Nash County's Recreation and Senior Services. You can use your mobile device or computer to create a profile and register for programs.

 Online rentals, program registration, and MORE! 

For information on what we've got coming up, make sure you "Like" us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn! Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery highlighting sports and special events and follow our Pinterest for everything Parks and Recreation!

 We have a new Master Plan! Click here to see what we are planning!

Why are parks important? Take a look at this informative video on youtube! 

We are expanding our programming opportunities to the community, and we are currently seeking additional instructors for programs. We have openings available for independent contractors. For those who are interested, please submit new programming proposals to include resume background, certifications, availability, course title, and course description. 

 Requirement: Must be currently offering their instruction/programming services in the same capacity with another agency or municipality.