Information Technology

Our Mission

The Information Technology Department provides data and communication services for Nash County. Our goal is to build and maintain an enterprise class system for the growing needs of our County employees as well as it's residents and guests.

Maintains the network and telecommunication infrastructure of Nash County as well as database administration.

Monitors and maintains the approximately 700+ computer systems of Nash County, including installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware / software faults, and solving technical and applications problems.
  1. Sandi Vick

    IT Director
    Phone: 252-459-1235

  1. Jonathan Edwards

    Media Communications Manager
    Phone: 252-459-1501

  1. Scott Brown

    Network/Server Administrator
    Phone: 252-462-2442

  1. Don Ulrich

    Network/Server Administrator
    Phone: 252-462-2688

  1. Felicia Conyers

    Information Systems Manager
    Phone: 252-462-2448

  1. James Roberts

    Lead Information Technology Specialist
    Phone: 252-459-1659

  1. Steve Lawrence

    Information Technology Specialist
    Phone: 252-459-1788

  1. Logan Warren

    Information Technology Specialist
    Phone: 252-459-1691